ANOTHER GODWINK PRINCIPLE - Secrets to Getting More Godwinks

ANOTHER GODWINK PRINCIPLE - Secrets to Getting More Godwinks

SQuire Rushnell2 comments
“Walking through the parking lot of an African American Church I found a RING on the ground.
I walked to the front of the Church just as the people were leaving and saw the pastor was CALMING a WOMAN who was upset.
When the pastor looked at me, I excused myself and explained that I’d just FOUND a ring.

The woman and pastor were astonished! That’s what she was upset about … she’d LOST her ring the prior Sunday! And there I was!

It was definitely a Godwink!”

Jennie Lynn Bauman

How does God do that?

He nudged Jennie to walk in a certain direction, to find the ring, and at the precise moment to encounter the woman who had lost the ring!

Here's a way to remember that principle:

                                    GODWINK PRINCIPLE #3
                                       When the Right Place
                                       Is divinely aligned
                                       With the Right Time
                                       Expect a Godwink!

We just need to develop the eyes to look for Godwinks at all times.

Many good wishes for boundless Godwinks.


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Redow Bishop
Redow Bishop
A great message for a number of reasons. Honesty, sentiment and caring. Many times items are found and it is seen as something to keep rather than finding the rightful owner without realizing what the owner may have experienced with that item or person. I am so sorry I missed visiting with you at Brookwood. I assumed (my mistake) that you were staying for the full event. I hope you enjoyed your time here with Grant. The Brookwood estate and the event were great experiences for us; we learned a lot from the attendees, the residents and vendors. Take care. Rita
James Lloyd HIckey
James Lloyd HIckey
Please share the location of Godwink Principles. Thank you.

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