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Candy Chand, a struggling writer, was feeling harried.
She’d just opened another heartless turn-down letter from a publisher and was stuck in traffic trying to get to her child’s school performance in “The Winter Pageant”… annoyingly, no longer called a “Christmas Pageant”.
“Don’t get me going,” she thought... fretting that Christmas was being taken out of everything.
Candy arrived just as the performance was about to unfold and took her seat in the small auditorium.
She began to relax the moment the teacher tried to herd a flock of little kids up to the front, dressed in red and white scarves and fuzzy mittens. Aww... how cute! she thought.
She then expelled an audible sigh of relief discovering that children in THIS school were allowed to sing a song with the name of CHRISTMAS in it!

“Christmas Love.”
Each child carried a white card with a black letter… ostensibly to hold up… spelling out the name of the song.
What happened next became a story that changed Candy Chand’s writing career. This is how she described it when the story went viral on the internet:
“The performance was going smoothly until we noticed her, a girl in the middle holding the letter “M” upside down, totally unaware that her letter “M” appeared as a “W.”
The audience of first-through-sixth-graders snickered at the child’s mistake… until the last letter was raised, and we all saw it together.
In that instant we understood the reason we were there. When the last letter was held high, INSTEAD of CHRISTMAS LOVE... the message read loud and clear: CHRIST WAS LOVE.”
Candy ended with, “And, I believe He still is”.

That event opened the door to Candy’s book being published, updated, and titled “Christmas Love.
Godwinks can sometimes change everything … like a rudder, turned but an inch... can alter the entire direction of a vessel.
If there’s someone on your Christmas list who could benefit from knowing a lot more about Godwinks, we invite you to browse our shop… particularly noting the books on sale.
Don’t we love Godwinks? Merry Christmas!

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Marci Valente
Marci Valente
Love this story, one letter can sure make a difference. It wasn’t a mistake after all. God shone through with His Love always. God bless and thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas everyone

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