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“This is the Godwink story of how our little dachshund, LOUIE … short for Lieutenant…SAVED our lives and home.

We LOST the entire inventory for my ONLINE GIFT SHOP Celebrate by Lisa Lou, but thanked God for our blessings, started from scratch, and are now opening our first retail store in Houston.

Let me start at the beginning.

We had purchased the home NEXT to ours to expand our property, while simultaneously renovating my office and workspace in the main house.

The acquisition of gift shop inventory couldn’t wait, however, so I decided to use the EMPTY HOUSE next door for my team to help organize all the incoming packages.

It was about 4:30 in the morning when LOUIE became OUR HERO … he started crying to get attention.

I told my husband something was wrong with him. We dozed back to sleep… but our little dachshund persisted.

My husband got up to see what was wrong and saw what appeared to be FLASHING LIGHTS coming from outside the bedroom window!

The house NEXT DOOR was completely engulfed in 40-FOOT FLAMES from front to back… and our bedroom had begun HEATING up!

We LOST ALL our inventory… but the fire department saved our main house and LOUIE SAVED US!

The outcome: we came back stronger… we’ve even opened our first retail store where Louie is an honored watchdog.”

Lisa Lou Zook


God often uses PUPS to deliver us critical Godwinks … or dogwinks.

Many times over, Lisa Lou and her husband have thanked God and Louie for teaming up to save them that day!

You can see the online shop Lisa is talking about here

Recently Louise and I visited Lisa’s new retail shop. If you're driving near Houston,  at 6543 Woodway Drive, stop in. It’s quite special.

During this joyous Christmas season, may you have extra helpings of Godwinks and blessings.


Last few hours of the Godwink shop book sale... ends Dec 14th.


Mary Nachtwey
Mary Nachtwey
Merry Christmas to you and Louise! Your insights are amazing as are your books. Thank you and God bless you our special friends.
I love these God Wink’s. They always give strength to get through my toughest days. I know I will have one to share one day!

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