SQuire Rushnell

“There was confusion as I exited my seat on the flight to visit my brother Stan.

My carry-on bag was stuck under the seat, and as I got up I noticed my phone had slid from a side pocket. I thanked God that I'd spotted it.

But at lunch with Stan, I discovered my CREDIT CARD was MISSING! It was kept in a magnetized pouch attached to my phone; it must have dislodged on the plane.

My brother and I PRAYED as we headed back to the airport BAGGAGE CLAIM. All the way there I fretted about the prospect of canceling my card and being away from home without it.

A very nice LADY called Lost and Found, then the person at the gate … nothing … and worse, my plane had just DEPARTED.

We PRAYED again!

Moments later the gate person called back excitedly… the plane had RETURNED due to a technical problem!

Our nice lady told us to wait right there as she ran to the gate. Minutes later she reappeared, smiling broadly, and WAVING my lovely CREDIT CARD !

I choose to believe God gave us that nice lady and He TURNED that big jet around just to remind me of His presence and love. What a God!"

Margaret Stringer

PRAYER is the most powerful tool YOU have… the more you use it… the stronger your faith.

Louise and I invite you to learn more about the potent power of prayer... in particular, PARTNERED PRAYER... at www.praystay.com. You can also browse our two books on the subject, Couples Who Pray and the 40 Day Prayer Challenge.

Meantime, look for your Godwinks... always Signs of Hope.


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