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“My GRANDCHILDREN and I were about to leave a flea market. I looked in my PURSE and couldn’t find my KEYS.

PANIC started trying to take me over!

I kept LOOKING in my purse, in the car, and we even retraced our steps at the flea market, asking vendors if they had found any keys. No one had!!!

Then my GRANDSON... whom I'd been trying to TEACH about PRAYING at times of need... simply said, ‘PRAY GRANNY!’

Of course …why in the world had I not done that first?

Immediately I led a prayer for God to help us FIND the KEYS.

I put my hand back in my purse and, just like that, MY FINGERS TOUCHED the keys!

They had slipped into an opening inside the purse that, to this day, I can not find again!

Could God have used that little incident to teach my grandson a valuable lesson?

And me?!”

Brenda Cox


Brenda's Godwink about prayer teaches ALL of us a lesson!

When we lose ANYTHING... the keys... the location of the car... or the way home, the first thing to do is PRAY. Just as that wise grandchild suggested.

Of course, every answered prayer is a Godwink*... so when it happens... just look up and say: THANKS God.

May you have wondrous Godwinks today.


* This principle is baked into every Godwink Dictionary Mug as a nice reminder. Take a look here.


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Kathleen Kenna
Kathleen Kenna
When we took a trip out of state,I had hidden a ring that was a gift from my husband. When we got back, I couldn’t find it for the life of me. I prayed and then looked in my sock drawer (really? Why?). Sure enough I had rolled it up in a pair of socks. Thank you Lird!

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