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You've had it happen. You took a different route, met someone you didn't expect.

Five minutes sooner or later and you would have missed that person who turned out to be the love of your life ... or the one who led you to your career.

So, when your Godwink happens today... thank Him... He divinely aligned it.

That's Godwink Principle #4.

We'd appreciate your passing this on.


The perfect VALENTINE GIFT...

...a book for the hopeful, "Godwinks on Love"... or for the person new to Godwinks, "When God Winks". 

For those who wish to take a deeper dive into this phenomenon, "Godwinks & Divine Alignment" or "The Godwinks Effect".

Each book at our gift shop comes with a FREE CARD from a large selection.

Now... the really really big gift?

Give her or him a copy of "Couples Who Pray" or "40 Day Prayer Challenge".... then, on your free card, write that YOU want THEM to TAKE the 40 day "Pray Stay Challenge" WITH YOU ... a commitment to pray together 5 minutes a day for 40 days!

Promise... that will be a BIGGGG gift.




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Barbara Upton
Barbara Upton
My life changed the day I was looking for my soul mate. I had just had my second knee replacement. I had heard of a dating line so I took a look. There he was with that. Beautiful smile and his Duck hat on. He lived 120 mikes away. He was an Oregon Duck fan. I liked what he wrote about himself, so I sent him an email. He answered. It was the beginning of our 16 years together, We talked online for over a month. Then decided on a meeting. When we met in person it was love at first sight. We were never a day apart from that day on. My husband passed one and a half years ago. it may sound weird to some people but I have a pendulum and we are together. I was 68 and he was 72 when we met. He passed from cancer just before his 87th birthday. He had bought me a puppy for my 70 th birthday. He was the love of our lives. He became daddy’s boy. He was beside him when he passed, JayJay passed a years later, he missed him so. I believe he is in heaven with his Daddy. He gives me kisses on the nose every night. God had sent me a rescue dog, who is now my constant companion. There is a long story there with JayJay and Charlie. I do so believe in God and his way of taking care of us. I have lost both my son and daughter. They are all together in heaven waiting for me.

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