SQuire Rushnell
“My MOM passed away Friday night.
On Saturday evening we had tickets ...  booked long in advance ...
to a Rick Springfield concert.
Mid-concert Rick sang his song ‘My Father’s Chair’… about the LOSS of his DAD.
One lyric really hit me:
          ‘And the far distant future
          When I knew you’d be gone
          Came too fast and stays too long’
Ugh, tough to hear right then.
I looked to the left and the WOMAN seated next to me was SOBBING
into her hands.
I put my hand on her back to comfort her. She said her SON had recently PASSED and she was really having a hard time.

After the concert, she thanked me for comforting her.

I shared the idea of GODWINKS that I’d learned from Mom… suggesting that maybe that song, at that time, was a little message about her son… and maybe we were MEANT TO BE sitting next to each other.
When I told her my mom had PASSED the night before her face just dropped.
She reached up, gave me a big HUG, and said, ‘You were giving me comfort, but I should have been comforting you.’”
Lance Jakob
Rick Springfield lost his DAD. Lance lost his MOM. The lady lost her SON.
The song … “My Father’s Chair” … was a Godwink of comfort to each of them … all at the same time.
Actually, a Godwink ALWAYS represents COMFORT.
Boundless wishes for comforting Godwinks on this FATHER'S DAY weekend, and every day thereafter.


A Dogwink Book (with a free greeting card), a Godwink Mug, or a hat is always a great gift. 

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