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As a VOLUNTEER FIREMAN, we were called out one STORMY NIGHT to a home on fire.
I was DRIVING the fire truck TOO FAST for the conditions in the pounding rain.
Suddenly a bright red CARDINAL flashed ACROSS my WINDSHIELD.
Instinctively I SLOWED. Within seconds we came upon a CURVE in the ROAD, heading into a narrow bridge!
If I hadn’t slowed the very instant I saw the cardinal … we would have CRASHED!"
Rudy Hall Sr.
Through all things… including a bright red cardinal appearing on a dark rainy night ... God can do the impossible and deliver you a Godwink you’ll never forget!
Today may you have Godwinks that turns “impossible” into I’M POSSIBLE!

Speaking of "impossible", the trailer for our "Rescued By Ruby" movie is playing right now at the top of the front page of this site. You MUST see it... and ask your self... "is it really possible it's a TRUE story?" 

Answer: yep! Take a look!


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Billie Oliver
Billie Oliver
What book is the Impossible Godwinks

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