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“While DRIVING, I felt PANICKED. I CRIED OUT to God that I wasn’t prepared for my EXAM the next day!

At that moment I glanced at the car in front of me …. a BUMPER STICKER said, ‘NEED PRAYER?’  It provided a number to call.

I shouted aloud, ‘You've got to be kidding God! My prayer is answered JUST LIKE THAT?!’

So, I pulled over and called.

A man answered.

I explained, that I had a big TEST coming up and felt highly UNPREPARED."

‘May I ask the nature of your test?’ He inquired.

‘Pathophysiology,’ I said.

‘You are studying medicine?’


He then explained that he was a MEDICAL DOCTOR from Puerto Rico, who was also a PASTOR, who enjoyed VOLUNTEERING for the Prayer Line I’d just called.

As he led our prayer together I felt an amazing peace. Then, he gave me encouraging words about medical students and a couple of techniques to help me study.

Here was the outcome: I PASSED the EXAM!

God never fails! That INSTANTLY ANSWERED prayer reminds me of that!”

Louis Santiago, Jr.


God will always FIND YOU WHERE YOU ARE! What happened to Louis can happen to you!

Have faith and pray. Then, just watch for the Godwinks. Maybe, INSTANTLY, like Louis.

If you’d like to join a private group where you can SHARE your PERSONAL PRAYER NEEDS with others in the group who are the kind of people you’d invite to your home, you might want to look into joining GODWINKERS … managed by my dear wife Louise. She also has wonderful daily posts.



Is there any way I can contact Louis Santiago, Jr or the Puerto Rican Pastor in this story?
Linda Morris
Linda Morris
Please pray for my son, Ryan, who is currently jailed and facing very serious charges. He is also suffering from serious addictions. It is a dire situation but I know, not too tough for our God. Thank you!
Indeed He DOES find us where we are! My life has been filled with minor miracles !

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