SQuire Rushnell

I love this story. But … please HELP ME… is there a Godwink here?

An ordinary looking BLACK HAWK in the town of Grants Pass, Oregon, was flying past the Alen Dale Elementary School and spotted and open window into the fifth-grade classroom.

Fortuitously the Hawk, discovered some snacks and began helping itself.

The kids got all excited when they realized the bird was not frightened… and in fact … was friendly. But NOBODY expected to hear the HAWK begin TO TALK!

It would say ‘What’s up?’… ‘I’m fine’ and then… OH, OH … a lot of NAUGHTY WORDS!

The giggles of TEN YEAR OLD’S are infectious. We can only imagine the teacher discovering the futility of trying to cover the ears of 20 laughing youngsters!

An animal rescue man was urgently called… fed the friendly hawk from his hand… but was unable to capture it. The bird happened to LIKE it there… and didn’t plan on leaving.

Word got out … around town… and a lady named JaNeal Shattuck heard that the hawk that she’d raised from birth and taught to speak like a parrot, with a vocabulary of 40 words… a few unmentionable… had been found entertaining a classroom of giddy children.

The school principal let out a sigh of relief when JaNeal came by to claim her bird named ‘Cosmo’! But, it wasn’t easy.

Cosmo loved those kids so much, it took 45 minutes of temptation with sardines to get her into custody once again.

So, what do you think? Is this a Godwink story?
I have one idea. Let’s presume that JaNeal was so worried about Cosmo’s disappearance that she PRAYED that somehow, someway, God would bring her bird back home.
And because every answered prayer is a Godwink … well, bingo.
Does that get me off the hook?
Many good wishes for delightful Godwinks and birdwinks!
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