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“I was left a widow and money was tight.
My son desperately wanted a BIKE like all his friends. It broke my heart, but I COULDN'T AFFORD one.
I learned that the local Sheriff’s Department, as part of a Fall Festival, was RAFFLING off bikes.
As the raffle began, I PRAYED for GOD’S FAVOR.
But, we didn't win.
My little guy looked at me and said, ‘Maybe God doesn't think I need a bike right now.’
My heart broke again.
As we turned to leave, there was an announcement over the loudspeakers. The officer said that ONE MORE bike had been discovered in the back.
He called the number. This time … my SON was the WINNER!
Just like that, God answered my prayer!
I THANK God every day for the Godwinks and little favors that remind me how much he loves us and cares.”
Kerstin Veimau

You may be thinking, “I need something badly". It's probably not a bike. But something you really want.

Every earnest request needs to begin with earnest prayer! Go ahead. See what happens.

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Many good wishes for Godwinks.


Jan Madden
Jan Madden
The word impossible is unknown to God.
Christopher McDonough
Christopher McDonough
Great story! Love those God Winks, We go to a builder Convention in Rhode Island at the end of the show they were giving away door prizes. One was $500. I knew in my heart that it was actually going to be mine, funny though the show ended and I told my friend, wait where was the $500 prize, they never gave it away out of 1000 people half the crowd left, and the Announcer said we actually have one more prize to give away. They called the number no one came forward. They called another number. No one came forward. They called the next number it was mine. I came forward. It was five hundred dollars!!! For years Me and my 3 buddies have been going to JLC shows and every year. I claim that I’m going to win something. I have won official hockey Jersey’s ,DVD players, jackets , framing nailer,each year. I took the five $100 gift cards and handed it out to each one of my friends. It was a great time wonderful memories. I’ll never forget! P.S. even the framer nailer had two Previous numbers called only for me to be the third one. And I went up to claim it because the other two never came up to claim it!! God winks work especially when YOU BELIEVE!!
I loved this story! God does answer prayers!

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