SQuire Rushnell


“My dad had a single NICKNAME for all THREE of his daughters … SAPPHIRE … a precious stone that’s BLUE.

Since he passed away, we miss him dearly … and I was thinking of him as began my DAILY morning WALK.

I’m usually alone on the track … so I always check the surroundings.

On this particular morning, I noticed an old truck, 60’s or 70’s, parked right next to the walking track.

I thought about what Mom cautions, ‘take notice, you never know who is out there’.

In the distance I saw someone!

Rounding the corner of the track I could see that he was an elderly gentleman walking slowly … just taking in a beautiful morning.

I snapped a picture of the back of him before coming upon him… just to have in my phone… thinking of Mom again.

Passing him, I said ‘Good Morning’, he returned pleasantries, and I zoomed past.

As I came to my 3rd lap, the gentleman was about to get into his truck.

So I shouted, ‘You have a blessed day’!

He smiled, nodded, and looked up and said, ‘isn’t the sky the most beautiful SAPPHIRE blue you’ve ever seen’?

For a few seconds I couldn’t speak.

My heart melted!

I nodded agreement, holding back tears as I continued on with my walk. At the next turn I looked back. He was gone.

I cried for the rest of my walk and couldn't wait to tell mom about my encounter.

When I showed her the picture I’d taken of him from behind, she said quietly... ‘Your daddy had that same jacket’.

Laura Bonvillain LeCompte


Heartfelt stories like Laura’s cause us to wonder … “are ANGELS really REAL”?

But, then… if they weren’t … would God have allowed them to be written about in the Bible… at least 108 times?

My favorite quote is a directive: “show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” Heb. 13:2.

This gives us something to think about as we look for our Godwinks today, yes?

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