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“In my youth I was DEVASTATED.
My GRANDMOTHER, with whom I was very close, passed away at 5 o’clock in the morning.
Exactly one year later, at 5am, we were awakened with the DOOR BELL RINGING nonstop. My mother answered the door. No one was there. No one in sight.
Fast forward 50 years, before dawn, I was going through some old photos and found one of GRANDMA.
As I sat reminiscing about her, the DOOR BELL began RINGING nonstop!
Nope, no one there, no one in sight!
Makes you wonder, are those Godwinks?”
Jack Bartle
Over the years our readers have helped to hone the distinction between Godwinks and Coincidence.
“Coincidence” in the dictionary is “A remarkable concurrence of events WITHOUT apparent CAUSE.”
But… a Godwink is “a remarkable concurrence of events WITH a CAUSE” … and that cause is divine.
What do you think? Was that door bell ringing a coincidence? Or ... maybe a God and Grannywink?
Wishes for Godwinks
As a reminder to be on the lookout for Godwinks everyday, the "Had A Godwink Today?" MUG fits into almost any breakfast table setting. Take a look and imagine a set of these joyful mugs on your table.


Christopher McDonough
Christopher McDonough
Great story, my dad passed away in the house we grew up in, my twin sister came up from the shore to make breakfast before having to handle pop’s affairs, and on our refrigerator was a photo box with pictures of the grandchildren. As you was making eggs the box which had a Prerecording of tye kids wishing my mom and Happy birthday, it happened been pushed in 5 plus years, that was pop’s letting her know I’m okay!! We still talk about 10 years later
Eileen Krause
Eileen Krause
Such a beautiful story! I heard a young person say she’s looking forward to heaven because more of her friends and family and already gone before her.

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