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This week 60 years ago DEBBIE GENDLER was the most excited 13-year-old girl in the world.

Somehow… out of 50,000 requests… she had gotten a TICKET to be in the STUDIO to watch the BEATLES on the Ed Sullivan Show. And even better, a few days later Debbie was invited to talk about her experience on the Johnny Carson Show.

The Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan on February 9th, 1964 has been called “The Night that Changed America.” The show had 73 million viewers.

Many of us remember exactly where we were.

Paul Supnik, now a lawyer in LA, was a teenager at the time and that experience turned into a perfect Valentine Godwink Story.

Twenty years later Paul was a bachelor, dedicated to his job. One Saturday he took a stack of legal papers to a nearby restaurant where he could work during lunch alone.

A lady came by his table, began a little conversation, and was soon introducing her niece Debbie from New York. Soon Debbie was sitting down and the woman was slipping out.

Debbie told Paul she once was the head of the Beatles Fan Club and mentioned her experiences at the Ed Sullivan and Johnny Carson shows.

Suddenly Paul remembered watching TV … a girl who impressed him… she had spunk and said something funny… he was secretly infatuated with her for years!

And now, here she was… sitting at his table!

The whole story is in “Godwinks on Love” … but the short of it is… after only two dates in the next two weeks, Debbie and Paul began planning their wedding!

Now as Debbie looks back on when she was one of those dreamy teenagers in the Ed Sullivan studio… she celebrates the launch of her delightful book all about it, “I Saw Them Standing There.” You can check it out here.

For those who'd like to read Debbie and Paul's full VALENTINE STORY... you can find it on page 41 of Godwinks on Love. 

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