SQuire Rushnell

CHARLIE was 23 … studies completed … career underway… he decided this was THE YEAR he should FIND the PERFECT GIRL and start a family.

He remembered a quote in one of his college books: “If you FAIL to PLAN … plan to fail.”

He flipped ahead on his calendar for the new year landing on August… putting a CIRCLE around the 18th. “I should know where I stand by then,” he thought.

Over the next few months, Charlie met MOLLY.

They liked each other. Spending more and more time together. Around the end of June, Molly suggested, “Let’s test our feelings… ONLY seeing each other every TWO WEEKS.”

Charlie reluctantly went along.

In early August Charlie met Molly for their “two week date”. As he picked her up he felt a VOICE within NUDGING him to say… “Will you marry me?”

Molly smiled sweetly and said, “I need to think about it. I’ll let you KNOW a week from Saturday.”

Later he opened his calendar to WRITE DOWN his next date with Molly. That’s when his jaw dropped… the date already had a CIRCLE around it!

When he saw her on the appointed Saturday she immediately said, “YES”!

Charlie couldn’t wait to show her his calendar… to share the Godwink! They were now engaged on August 18th … the very day he’d PLANNED to know where he stood on starting a family.

How did things work out?

Charlie and Molly have been BLISSFULLY married for enough years to have SEVEN children! So far.

You may wish to read their whole story. It starts on pg 49 of one of our favorite books Godwinks on Love.

It's just one of scores of uplifting true love stories designed to prove that we must always hold on to the HOPE that God has a perfect mate for every person on earth. 

wishes for lovewinks!

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