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Twenty years before the Revolutionary War, the French and Indians were claiming American territory west of the Allegheny Mountains. This stirred the ire of the British crown.
A regiment of British troops landed in Virginia to RETAKE the territory by FORCE.

Weary from a lingering fever, GEORGE WASHINGTON, a 21 year old lieutenant colonel in the Virginia militia, was recruited to accompany the British, offering counsel and to DELIVER MESSAGES on horseback between British General Edward Braddock and his officers.

Washington advised Braddock that EUROPEAN-STYLE wars in which both sides openly faced each other and shot it out may not be observed by the French and Indians. General Braddock DISREGARDED Washington’s advice.
Seven miles from PITTSBURGH the 1300 hundred King’s troops marched in precise order through a wooded RAVINE, their BRIGHT RED uniforms offering an image of grandeur against the dark foliage, as the GAY SOUNDS of fife and drums kept them moving in sync.
LYING IN WAIT were 800 French and Indian warriors among the trees on both sides of the ravine. Suddenly, a torrent of gunfire poured down upon the British troops.
Eighty-six officers on horseback bravely ordered their troops to stand and fight; as running for cover was dishonorable and forbidden.

They fell in massive numbers.

Washington repeatedly RODE his horse through a STORM of BULLETS to DELIVER Braddock’s ORDERS to other officers! 

Washington had TWO HORSES shot from under him. He quickly mounted the horses of fallen British officers and RESUMED his duties! 

Two hours later, 714 British troops had been cut down while the French and Native Americans had but 30 casualties. It was a MASSIVE ROUT. Every one of the 86 British OFFICERS plus Braddock had been SHOT.
On his return to Virginia, he stopped to rest, to tend to his illness, and WRITE to his MOTHER. He told her...

‘Although death was leveling my companions on every side. . . I escaped WITHOUT a WOUND; I had FOUR BULLETS through MY COAT and two horses shot from under me.

By the all-powerful dispensations of PROVIDENCE I have been PROTECTED beyond all human probability or expectation.’

George Washington NEVER QUESTIONED that it was GOD who had saved him. 

He was not alone with that conclusion: later an Indian warrior who fought that day, said, “Washington was never born to be killed by a bullet. I had 17 FAIR FIRES at him and I COULD NOT bring him to the ground.”

Then, 6 years before the Declaration of Independence, an elder Indian chief was more emphatic: “Washington was protected by ‘The Great Spirit’ … he COULD NEVER DIE in battle … and will found a mighty nation.” 

Does God make some leaders BULLETPROOF? Protecting them beyond all "human probability," as George told his mother?

It would seem so, inasmuch as FOUR BULLETS PIERCED Washington’s coat… yet none touched his skin.

On February 22nd, his actual birthday, let us all honor America's first President ... and pray that leaders of today will be cloaked in Godwinks of armor, as well.


Acknowledgment: Thanks to historian David Barton for sharing this story for our book 40 Day Prayer Challenge.

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