SQuire Rushnell

  “I was standing at the SINK cleaning and cutting up STRAWBERRIES a week after Mom’s MEMORIAL service.

The phone rang… it was one of my sisters who lives miles away. We talked about MOM and how much we missed her, while I continued what I was doing, then said goodbye.

The phone rang again.  

It was my sister saying, ‘Oh. I forgot to tell you. I had a DREAM last night about mom.   In it, she told me to tell you that you would know she is OKAY… by the word “STRAWBERRIES”. Does that mean anything to you?’  

I was blown away. I hadn't said a thing about what I had been doing! I told her and she was freaked out too!  

I used to occasionally wonder if there was really a heaven. Not anymore. I know I will see her again someday.”  

Kathy Lukaszek


It’s natural for us to wonder about heaven... if it's real...what it's really like. But when God makes Himself REAL in our WORLDLY lives... through astonishing Godwinks... we know He’s real and so is heaven.

The book Godwinks & Divine Alignment has a entire chapter on "What Heaven is Like".

The experts are some 150 people...all strangers to each other... who died and came back to life. The parallels between them, about what heaven is like, is both amazing and heartening.

Read more about it here.

May you have Godwinks of certainty today!


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