SQuire Rushnell

Hi Godwinkers!

Just weeks before America needed an infusion of hope and encouragement from what was about to happen in September 2001, my first When God Winks book was published, introducing a new word to the English language.

On the first page I wrote:

"You're about to confirm something you have suspected all along: that what you’ve called “coincidence” ... are Godwinks ... little messages on your journey through life, nudging you along the grand path that has been designed especially for you."


That was sixteen years ago. My thesis that there was something "more to coincidence than just coincidence" was untested. Only my wonderful wife Louise, my daughters Robin and Hilary, and a handful of friends had heard the word, or understood what it meant.

Honestly, I was apprehensive.

I wondered if people would think I was a goofball. Who was I to be making such proclamations?

I cringed at the thought that respected spiritual leaders, great pastors whom I admired but didn’t know, would think of me as a fraud; neither a theologian nor philosopher, but someone whose credentials were merely those of a network television executive, a guy who brought you ABC Schoolhouse Rock and ran a show called Good Morning America.

In my inner ears I could almost conjure up a vast chorus of derisive laughter. 

Of course I never thought that one day I'd meet many of those pastors face to face ... Pat Robertson ... Charles Stanley ... Joel Osteen ... Robert Schuller ... Robert Jeffress … James Robison … Robert Morris… AR Bernard ... Franklin Graham … Senate Chaplain Barry Black ... and, to a person, they would each cheer me on! Every single one of them … and now that I think of it, every pastor I've ever met … has embraced the Godwinks thesis!

I felt truly humbled the day a pastor in Las Vegas introduced me as a speaker, saying, "We've all believed in Godwinks all along. We just never knew what to call them."

But before I lead you into thinking that I came up with that new dictionary word, or wrote ten books that followed, let me stop you. I didn’t.

I prefer to say that I didn’t write the Godwinks books. I just wrote them down.

Each morning, about 4:30, I begin with this prayer.


" Father … I ask that Your words flow from Your mind to my mind, from Your lips to my lips, through my fingertips."


As result, God has used a guy who learned the importance of a simple and appealing message from Schoolhouse Rock, and together we have written ten Godwinks books, four of which were also co-authored by Louise.

Now look what He’s done.

Godwinks has entered it's 4th season as a monthly segment on NBC Today Show, the Kathie Lee/Hoda Hour.

In 2018 the Godwinks Movie Series ... dramatizations of true stories from our books ... will premier on Hallmark Channel.

With one of America’s most respected pastors, Robert Morris of Gateway, Dallas, we are developing a property called Godwinks and The Bible. I tell a contemporary Godwink story and Robert tells parallel Godwinks from The Bible.

And with this new website,, a new platform for God is birthed.

You are each a part of it! As you have been, all along. In my next blog chapter, I'm going to tell you what I mean. How you, the Godwinkers, have helped shape the Godwink Brands every step of the way.

Meanwhile, may you experience abundant and wondrous Godwinks!




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