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What are the odds that LIGHT from the HEAVENS would mysteriously appear, at PRECISE moments at VARIOUS locations on THREE different days ... all in the presence of the late Queen of England?

Wouldn't we love to know the mathematical probability of the FIRST RAINBOW becoming visible over BUCKINGHAM PALACE just as it was announced that the Queen had died?

And again, when a laser-like beam pierced through the skys, on a different day, as her casket was in a procession from Scotland led by the new King?

And finally, in London, when a  RAINBOW appeared over Westminster Abbey as the Queen lay in state?

"What are the odds" is a phrase we frequently say when we are witnesses to an astonishing Godwink, when, in fact, we know that with God there are no odds.

Biblically, God says of the RAINBOW, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come." Gen. 9:12

I'd call that a SIGN of HOPE, wouldn't you?

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PS: I was writing this post on a plane. As I finished the above story and closed my computer, the stranger in the seat next to me tapped my shoulder, and pointed out the window ... at a beautiful rainbow.

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marilyn dondelinger
marilyn dondelinger

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