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“I was fourteen. My family was on the way home from a weekend of camping.
Because of the nice weather Dad suggested that we take the LONGER but more PICTURESQUE ROUTE over a mountain pass.
As we started up the pass, the GATE was pulled CLOSED.
“That must be a prank,” said Dad, noting that the temperature was approaching 100 DEGREES.
He opened the gate and off we went.
A half-hour later we noticed SNOW had fallen at those altitudes in late July! We laughed about it.
Soon there was MORE SNOW ... on the road itself ... and it became a problem. 
About that time we were running LOW ON GAS ... but Dad said we’d gone TOO FAR to retrace our steps.
We came to a FORK in the road. One pathway was up a steep incline. The other was blocked by trees.
We started up the hill ... but soon our van was STUCK IN THE SNOW. The more Dad gunned the engine ... the MORE FUEL was being USED UP.
We were in TROUBLE. And not sure what to do!
It was late afternoon and the night was sure to be freezing. Nobody would be coming to help.
Our FOOD was GONE. And there was only one match left in the packet.
I got out of the van ... and I’m not sure why ... decided to take a WALK, back down to the fork.
As I walked I wondered how far it was to the nearest telephone or assistance ... and whether I could hike that far.
But ... truth be known ... I was scared. I SAID a PRAYER.
At the fork I looked in every direction. That’s when a GLINT caught my eye. I walked toward it.
About twenty-five feet off to the side of the road was a SHINY RED GAS CAN. I lifted it up. It was FULL!
The can had been sitting under a pine TREE, yet there was NOT ONE PINE NEEDLE on it. Not one water spot. Nor any DIRT!
I ran back to my father and mother and told them what I’d found. They returned and were AMAZED AS WELL!
We filled the gas tank on the van ... got unstuck ... turned around, and headed back the way we came.
On the way, we tried to figure it out. Was the gas can put there by someone in the forestry department? Maybe ... BUT ... given its MINT CONDITION and the IMPASSABLE ROADS, it seemed UNLIKELY.
This I know: I had said a PRAYER … and God-winked on my family, saving our lives. 
Here’s the kicker: that FIVE GALLONS of GAS... was just enough. I mean JUST enough. We coasted into town and up to a gas station."
Shannon Firth Williams

A 14-year-old girl learned that day that when you’re in an IMPOSSIBLE situation … PRAYER can produce POSSIBLE outcomes … through astonishing Godwinks!
She has carried that lesson with her every day since.

FYI: this story appears along with many other uplifting stories of hope in Godwink Stories: A Devotional.
Wishes for Godwinks.

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Thank you for sharing this Godwink story. I read it outloud to my 2 grandsons (12 & 13 yo) while waiting on our pizza. I am sure it had an imoact!! ✝️🙌

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