Louise DuArt-Rushnell

Dear Godwinkers…
We live on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard surrounded by clear blue water. The sea, which is beyond measure, calms my thoughts as I think about God’s everlasting love for us. It’s also beyond measure. 
SQuire and I love walking on the beach, chatting with people on vacation, and watching kids make sculptures in the sand. But there’s a melancholy too. The parents will soon be returning to the hustle-bustle of life and the sand creations of the children will be washed out to sea with the changing of the tide.
With our world being so unstable it feels like we’re standing on shifting sands, fearing the next big wave may wash away our dreams. We long for stability and certainty. 
If that’s you, feeling sad or even hopeless, know that the Lord has an outstretched hand… ready to lift you up … above the shifting sand, and onto the Rock. In his embrace you are safe, wrapped in divine knowledge and power.
Remember the Psalm:

“How precious to me are your thoughts, O God.
How vast is the sum of them.
If I would count them, they are more than the sand.”
His Word confirms that YOUR unique and DIVINELY ALIGNED LIFE is already planned in the sand. 
Leave everything in God’s Hand … and see God’s Hand in every thing!
We hear from many Godwinkers who like to take a GODWINK AUDIOBOOK to the beach … or on car rides.
Because SQuire and I record every audiobook ourselves, each story carries our own enthusiasm for the Godwinks that our Maker has woven into the lives of the people whose stories we tell.
They’re sometimes like finding a prize in the Cracker Jack box!
May the rest of your summer be delightfully filled with child-like Godwinks!
Louise & SQuire

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