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“I was AWAKENED in the middle of the night by my LITTLE GIRL Lexie … her VOICE troubled … calling ‘MOMMY!’
I jumped from bed and hurried to her room thinking she was having a nightmare. I found her with TERROR in her eyes.
The way she was acting told me she was CHOKING! I quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver while yelling to my husband for help.
A piece of hard CANDY dislodged from Lexie’s throat! To my relief ... she could breathe once again!
Once everything was calmed down, my HUSBAND asked curiously, ‘How did you KNOW Lexie needed help?’
‘Because she called out “Mommy”,’ I replied.
He looked at me for a moment, then said quietly, ‘Just before you jumped out of bed, I was LYING AWAKE ... Lexie DIDN’T CALL for you.’
I asked my daughter if she had called out for me. She shook her head and said, ‘No Mommy, I couldn't, I was choking’.
Wow! Tears began to form on my face.
I clearly HAD heard a VOICE … it sounded like my daughter's. It woke me up. If it wasn't my little girl, then WHO called out for me?
I realized that our family truly is of value to God. He IS WATCHING over us.”
Debbie Evans



More and more we hear astonishing Godwink Stories of how the supernatural comes into our natural world, bringing us life-saving warnings, and extraordinary GIFTS of the SENSES.
Godwinks happen to you, as well. The more you communicate with God in prayer, the more you will TUNE IN to the amazing gifts He’s leaving at your doorstep.
How else can you LEARN to SEE your Godwinks?
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May you have bountiful blessings and Godwinks today!
SQuire (and Louise)



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Shelba Barnes
Shelba Barnes
Is there a complete list of all of your GodWink books? I have many and would like to know the ones I may be missing

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