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“My husband and I recently attended a different church.

A woman approached and asked if we were new.

I replied that we were … and identified ourselves as ‘the Van Hovens.’

She looked at me curiously, asking, "You aren't MARTHA, by any chance, are you?"

I’d never seen this woman before and was totally surprised. I nodded, ‘yes’.

She then told me SHE’D BEEN LOOKING FOR ME after hearing my daughter had lost her precious son.

This lady shared that she had lost her daughter, husband, and niece … all in an 18-month period!

We exchanged information and later she sent my daughter a book on grief, for which Jana was very thankful.

This all felt like a beautiful Godwink.”

Martha Van Hoven


Martha’s experience underscores that Godwinks are usually not “big” … but more often, they are SWEET, encouraging, and meaningful.

When we ALLOW God into our lives, He communicates with us… non verbally… in WARM, astonishing ways.

Perhaps today, you’ll say “God Winked at me!”

Speaking of sweet and warm, we'll soon be serving mugs of hot chocolate and cider. You may wish to see our GODWINK MUGS  with a message of hope and encouragement.


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Sylvia Takahashi
Sylvia Takahashi
Amen for soft but uplifting Godwinks!🙏😊❤

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