WHAT DOES F.R.O.G. MEAN?  ...  Fully Rely On God

WHAT DOES F.R.O.G. MEAN? ... Fully Rely On God

SQuire Rushnell1 comment

“At 37 years old, I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER.

That same week it struck me as unusual to see FROGS daily… on television, on the lawn, in a book.

When arriving at the HOSPITAL for my oncology appointment I spotted a LAMP intricately designed with a ceramic FROG … then a framed FROG PICTURE on the wall.

Mentioning my frequent frog sightings to the nurse, she smiled and gave me an uplifting reference I’d never heard: F.R.O.G. stands for 'Fully Rely On God.' 

I fully embraced that concept!

Researching frog symbology I learned that frogs signify GOOD LUCK and HEALING.

I embodied these little creatures … started wearing green, painting my TOENAILS GREEN for my chemo treatments and snuggling into my favorite FROG BLANKET.

Prior to surgery my surgeon drew a frog on my abdomen below her surgical markings.

At my BELL RINGING ceremony to celebrate my 17th and final round of chemo everyone wore GREEN.

Three weeks later I ran a half marathon with three friends wearing 'Team Frog' shirts.

The frog became my spiritual connection to God … my solace that I was NEVER ALONE in my fight."

Vanessa Bernard

Fully recovered from cancer, Vanessa has been compelled to give a nod to her FROG FRIENDS… by launching a business that GIVES BACK to the CANCER COMMUNITY. She created LEAPING LOVE cancer care GIFT PACKAGES.

I hope you’ll check it out: www.leapinglove.com

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I know that “frog” means “fully rely on God.”

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