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An important principle of the Godwink Thesis is that we are DIVINELY ALIGNED to be at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.

Remember when YOU suddenly ENCOUNTERED SOMEONE who changed your life?

Had you arrived 3 minutes sooner, or later, you WOULDN’T have MET the girl or guy you married… or the person who led you to the JOB that ignited your entire career.

But, because you were Divinely Aligned to that precise place and time … it was a GODWINK!

That happened last Friday to my dear wife Louise.

A friend from Houston sent us a New York Times story about a waiter at Sardi’s famous Broadway restaurant who RETIRED after 55 years.

Louise looked at the photo of the waiter, JOE Petrsoric, and REMEMBERED him.

Afterall it was at SARDI’S where Louise had once gone during a trip to NYC from LA. She had just seen a Broadway Show called “Catskills on Broadway,” starring three comedians and a comedienne,

JOE came over and said that the gentleman at another table were buying her and her friend a drink.

She looked up and one of the STARS of the show she’d JUST SEEN… Freddy Roman… was approaching with a wide grin. Freddy reminded Louise they’d once met on a Vegas TV show. He excitedly said he had just been telling the other comedians from the show that their comedienne was leaving … and he’d been thinking about a wonderful comedic impressionist he’d seen. “Her name is Louise something or other”.

“I looked up and here you are!” exclaimed Freddy.

Three weeks later Louise’s name was up in lights, starring in a hit Broadway Show!

RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME… the Divine Alignment of a huge Godwink in Louise’s life!

So, back to FRIDAY. As Louise looked at the PICTURE of JOE the waiter, memories flooded her mind.

Then she saw SOMETHING AMAZING. Right over Joe’s shoulder was a picture on the wall. A caricature of HERSELF! (What??)

Of the hundreds of pictures hanging on Sardi’s walls… Louise was looking at her OWN caricature (back when she was a brunette) … another astonishing Godwink!

That’s how Divine Alignment works in your life too… God gets you right where He needs you to be … to deliver a you a Godwink!

This is the book in our collection that really digs into Godwinks & Divine Alignment.

Wishes and winks


Alan Hubbard
Alan Hubbard
Another fabulous example of the love of God.Thanks a million God…and SQuire and Louise.Alan
Rebecca Retherford
Rebecca Retherford
I remember that waiter from the one time I. Was there. The story – about a picture on the wall – a reminder for me of. A Godwin’s I got when I didn’t know they existed. A reminder that God had timed my re-entry to a workplace to me so perfect. Gives me goosebumps even as I pen this…

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