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“My wedding day, 19 years ago this week was everything I’d dreamed. Except for ONE THING.
One of the GUESTS, a high school friend of my husband’s … who reminded me of ‘BIFF’ the obnoxious antagonist in ‘Back To The Future’ … behaved inappropriately.
I was so ANGRY! I was convinced my wedding day was ruined forever.
My husband Dave consoled me. ‘Com’on, what’s the big deal? … Bob’s my friend … you need to get over this!’
I didn’t care. I had no intention of letting it go. Ever!
Now, back to OUR future.
On Sunday we were leaving after church for an anniversary get-a-way in a tiny town on a picturesque lake an hour and a half from home. On the drive we reflected on the pastor’s engaging sermon. All about KINDNESS.
Soon we were walking around the charming village, arm in arm, feeling we were a million miles away.

We exchanged polite hellos with another couple walking past. Then ... in slow motion ... it clicked! It was the guy!  Bob a.k.a. ‘Biff’ … who ruined my wedding!

I dug my heels in!

Dave sweetly reminded me of the sermon at church … ‘what about kindness?’
Ugh, it was a difficult moment! Giving up my ‘beef about Biff’ was like giving up a part of me ... not the best part, I'll admit!

But in an instant I had to decide … let this ruin my anniversary or forgive.

I chose the latter. And we all had a wonderful time."

Robin Taney
What do you think?
Was it an accident that Robin and Dave ...... on the anniversary of their wedding ... came face to face with an old grudge that had festered 19 years too long?
Or do we suppose that the extraordinary alignment of events … the pastor’s sermon … and the timing of the encounter with ‘Biff’… just might have been divinely engineered for the very purposes that were achieved?
That’s how Godwinks happen! With happy endings!
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Hard to forgive? Yes, but it frees us who holds onto it. Good for you and God Bless You.

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