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“I PRAYED for black boots.

Then, becoming gripped with guilt about using God’s precious time for whimsical wishes, I said, ‘It's OK God …no big deal. I'll be fine without them.’

But, short while later I came across a GARAGE SALE. There they were...BLACK BOOTS for $20. Wow!

Wait, there's more. It turned out the lady and I work at the same place. So, she gave me the black boots for FREE!

My Black boots FIT PERFECTLY! That's a Godwink!”

Donna Coltrane


Although Donna had second thoughts about wasting God's time, she was NOT DISMISSED by Him.

One His promises in the ancient scriptures is, “ASK whatever you wish and it will be done for you.”*

If you’d like to JOIN OTHERS who love the power of Godwinks and prayer, consider joining the

Godwinkers Group.  

Wishes for Winks ... SQuire


Genny Jackman
Genny Jackman
Phew – that’s a relief. I too felt guilty asking for “silly things”, but God is still true to His word and a great Father to His children – no matter what they need or want.
Henriette Rieu
Henriette Rieu
Hi. Louise and Squire, Have you seen Kiss the Ground documentary. Mc by Woody Harleson. It gives us hope to stop the over heating of the earth. You will love it. I pray for God to help us reverse our effects on the environment. I morn the loss of 40000. Moose which have perished in Maine due to increases in fleas due to the extended heat. Locally I morn the death of 6 baby swans due to algea blood s in our local waters. The swan couple have tradionally raised 7 to adult hood for the last four years. God pray for us all. Love. You both
Love Godwinks!! I have my own God wink, whenever I randomly look at the clock it says. 1234. I’m amazed how often I get this Godwink and then I know he is with me.

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