SQuire Rushnell

“I had to see if the GIRL was okay.
Awkwardly, at first, she admitted that she was battling ADDICTION. She felt NO ONE LOVED HER.
She told me her MOM tried her hardest to get her clean… but DIED of cancer. Now she believes she LET HER MOM DOWN.

I asked if I could PRAY with her.
(Now, this is NOT ME. I’m thinking, ‘Yikes - What do I say?’)
I held her hand and WORDS JUST CAME OUT.
For a million dollars, I couldn’t tell you one thing I said. It was like an out of body experience.
When I looked up the girl was CRYING.
She looked at me so sincerely, saying, ‘Those are the EXACT WORDS my Mom said to me, word for word!”
She HUGGED me and confessed she had been on her way to GET DRUGS for the first time in two months.
It was as though God had used me to STOP her from RELAPSING.
I’ve still got chillbumps.”

Felisha Conyer

Godwinks happen when we allow them to happen.
Felisha was brave… she allowed God to use her to intervene with a hurting stranger.
Perhaps we should all risk doing something uncomfortable today … to PRAY FOR SOMEONE who needs a Godwink.
Always remember ... Godwink is another word for answered prayer.

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