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“Spring was in the air as I walked down our small street. I couldn't resist the urge to bend down and pick a daffodil admiring its simple beauty.    

As I wandered down the road it saw an Easter Basket with green and pink strands. Why I was interested in this basket, I didn’t know. I just felt that I had to pick it up.    

Suddenly, I saw a tiny kitten. It looked frightened. As I reached out it came closer. It seemed lost.    

‘Would you like to go for a walk with me?’ I asked.    

Lifting the tiny creature, I placed it inside the basket, purring softly.    

Further down the road I saw an older woman sitting in a rocking chair on her porch. ‘Good morning!’ I called out.    

‘Hello … can you sit with me a minute?’ she called back.     

Stepping onto the porch I sat in the rocking chair next to her. I could see she had been crying. She dabbed her cheek with a tissue. ‘I’m sorry, my husband recently passed. It is especially hard at Easter’.    

I expressed sympathy, asking why it was hard at Easter.    

‘Every year we gave one another an Easter Basket. I gave Ernie a pink one and he gave me a green one… with a single daffodil, my favorite flower.’     

She paused a moment, adding, ‘Before he died he promised that this year he was going to give me a kitten, knowing I’ve wanted one for so long.’    

I suddenly knew why I took this walk today. God works in mysterious ways and winks.    

I laid the pretty daffodil beside the sleeping kitten in the pink and green Easter basket ... handing it, with a smile, to the woman whose eyes and countenance had suddenly brightened.    

With thankfulness, I continued my walk … shedding a tear myself."    

Kerry Batchelder    


Easter is the time of year that we celebrate a new season, renewal, second chances, and hope.    

If you walk with God … as Kerry was doing that morning… and talk with Him along the way, He’ll speak to you, as well, with Godwinks of joy and wonder.    

Happy Easter.    


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Janna Whitlock
Janna Whitlock
This so beautiful ! God works in strange ways :) he knew the lady needed a friend to talk too. And put the Daffodil , Easter Basket with a kitten in the right place at the right time :)
Helen French
Helen French
Beautiful,beautiful story

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