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“My plan was to leave New Jersey at 6:30 that morning on my return to South Carolina. But, while driving from the motel I realized my EARRINGS were MISSING … that I must have left them in the room.

Returning to the 5th floor I looked everywhere...went back to the car to check my jewelry case… went back up to the room one more time and found them on the desk chair.

Finally on my way, I thought, ‘now I’m going to get home later than planned but …maybe God delayed me for some reason.

About two hours from home, traffic came to a halt and everyone was detoured.

I later learned there had been a shooting on that section of highway leaving one person killed. But my delayed start had made sure I avoided it.

I reflected that, uncharacteristically, my lost earrings never caused me to lose patience … instead I immediately had felt God was protecting me.

I can’t explain it, but I felt a peace.”

Melissa B. Davidson


A good lesson from Melissa. God’s delays may be Godwinks in the making.

Good wishes… great Godwinks.


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Janna Whitlock
Janna Whitlock
This is such a Great story! I will remember this when I run behind instead of getting upset .
Janet Parker Doublier
Janet Parker Doublier
Thus concept – of what does a change in plans mean – is always with me. Change a flight somewhere. Is it a good thing or did I just set to meet my Maker. We never know until afterwards. God is good so either way He comforts us.

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