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“After visiting my sister in Houston, we were DRIVING home to Austin …stopping for BREAKFAST at The House of Pies restaurant.

Continuing our nearly three-hour journey, my husband Rod asked me to get something from his COMPUTER BAG.

It was NOT in the backseat, so we concluded it must be in the trunk. However, upon arriving home, it was not there either!

Rod scanned his memory. The bag contained our business card and a $50 Gift Card, he could recall no thoughts on where it was.

A scramble of CALLS to my sister and the restaurant turned up NO SIGN of the computer bag. It was LOST.

We bowed our heads and began to PRAY that the bag would be RETURNED.

AS we prayed, Rod’s phone RANG … a Houston area code!

It was a WAITER at our breakfast stop. He’d found the bag in the PARKING AREA, probably where we’d parked. He told us where we could pick it up.

Soon our nephew from Houston was on his way to retrieve the computer bag with instructions to give that KIND WAITER the GIFT CARD in the bag!

God ANSWERED as we were ASKING!

Jan Madden

That last sentence is the most important part of Jan’s story … reaffirming that ASKING GOD should be the first thing we do when something is lost.

Is there something important to you, LOST in the circumstances of life?

If not an object… perhaps a LOST CONNECTION with a family member or friend?

PRAYER is always our best “Department of Lost and Found”.

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Wishes and Winks
SQuire and Louise

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Love these emails 😇🤗

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