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“My 16-year-old son BOBBY was excited to go spend time with his friends.

As he ran through the house, he shouted, ‘Bye Mom, Bye Dad, Love you!’

Something INSIDE said, ‘Go with him’!

I followed him outside, not understanding why ... stopped him in the front yard.

I thanked him for helping us earlier that day. I told him I was so proud of him and that I loved him.

He said, ‘I LOVE YOU TOO, MOM’.

We shared one of his most amazing hugs. When we backed away, OUR EYES held each other in a LINGERING GLANCE, before he turned to get into his friend’s pickup.

I watched them drive out of the neighborhood.

The next morning, I opened the DOOR to two people from the local SHERIFF’S office. My son was killed in a rollover crash in the middle of the night.

It was devastating, but I will be forever grateful for that powerful, VOICELESS NUDGE to ‘go with him’!”

Sheri Rogers


I wish we could FORM A LINE at Sheri’s house… a mile long… with each of us stepping up and delivering her a HUG.

Thank you, God, for providing her with that last MOTHER’S NUDGE.

May you have Godwinks of comfort today.


Hospice representatives tell us that a Godwink book is one of the favorite gifts at times of sorrow. We'll let you judge for yourself.


Kerry Batchelder
Kerry Batchelder
I am so sorry to hear of this dear mother’s loss. However I also feel the comfort she must feel in knowing she listened to the “still small” nudge of the Holy Spirit within her as she followed her son outside and was able to share a moment with him that round last forever.
Jane South Ellis
Jane South Ellis
Always love reading these Godwinks

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