SQuire Rushnell


“My granddaughter from Washington state, spotted a small MUG on the shelf of a North Texas resale shop.

She bought it remembering that I had a very SIMILAR one at my home.

Actually, I HAD TWO at one time… my husband and I purchased them on a trip.

When my husband died in the 1990’s, I GAVE one of the mugs to my daughter but NEVER SHARED the sentimentality.

After a few moves to different places around the country, my daughter’s mug somehow ended up at that resale shop.

Now, through the WONDER of divine alignment, my granddaughter and I have a MEMORY-MUG … a link to our LOVE for each other and to memories of our PAST.

It’s a Godwink where God says, ‘I’m always in the details!”

Anita Onarecker Wood


We can only imagine the journey of that little mug over the years, had there been some kind of GPS tracker attached to it.

But then, with Divine Alignment … how God places us … and things … at the right place at the right time, we know we’re ALWAYS on a wondrous GPS … God’s Positioning System!

And when the threads of divine alignment connect… there’s always a GODWINK!

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