SQuire Rushnell

Pam’s 13-year old dog Bullet had been at her side through FOUR heartbreaking MISCARRIAGES.


Now, Bullet himself was dying of cancer. Family and friends counseled Pam & Troy that costly surgery was unwise for a dog that had already outlived the average age for golden retrievers.


Instead, Pam listened to her heart, overrode conventional wisdom, and the couple borrowed $5000 to save their beloved pet.

Bullet survived surgery with flying colors!


One morning, even though doctors said it was impossible, Pam discovered she was again pregnant! She told Troy at a joyful breakfast! Bullet got into the excitement, too, racing around the house! Then, their jubilation turned to horror as images of the 9/11 tragedy began to unfold on television. “What kind of world am I bringing my baby into”, cried Pam.


Nine months later, Pam brought home a baby boy. Like the Secret Service, Bullet assumed guard duty under the infant’s bassinet. At 4:30 in the morning, Bullet sounded an alarm with a barking frenzy … the baby was not breathing! EMT’s quickly revived the child and advised that had they been summoned just seconds later, their baby would have been lost. Bullet, the OLD DOG that Pam insisted be saved, had SAVED HER BABY!


Bullet’s heroic story appearing on the cover of Newsday, a sweet heartwarming snapshot of life, after months of 9/11 stories of tragedy, was one of the first to lift the spirits of the newspaper staff and their New York readers.


Will you tell your friends and other dog lovers please?

Bullet’s complete story is told in our soon-to-be-published book, “DOGWINKS – True Godwink Stories of Dogs & the Blessings They Bring” on October 20th.


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Good wishes for Godwinks and dogwinks!


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