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“A week after my mother passed away I was feeling so SAD. Looking out my back window I saw two BLUEBIRDS fluttering … as if they were trying to get my attention.
I immediately felt PEACE.
As silly as it sounds, I felt it was a sign from above telling me all was well.
Days later I was again feeling overwhelming grief and again saw I BLUEBIRDS.
Yesterday I opened a package from my sister. To my astonishment, it was a PURSE … with TWO BLUEBIRDS on the front!
When I called her to thank her she said, ‘you never told me bluebirds remind you of Mom. I just saw that purse and felt I needed to send it to you!’
I choose to think it was another sign … a Godwink… saying all is well!”
Peggy Dilley
Why do we suppose that Peggy’s sister “just happened to see” the purse with BLUEBIRDS and was motivated to send it to her sibling?
Could it be that she was given a GODLY NUDGE … to be a Godwink Link … delivering an unsuspecting Godwink to Peggy?
And isn't it interesting that whenever Peggy felt BLUE... God Winked... sending her BLUEBIRDS.
Look for your Godwinks today … and when they happen … look up to say thank you!


Linwood Prince
Linwood Prince
My God Winks are also birds.
Ruth Bickerstaffe
Ruth Bickerstaffe
Thank you for this beautiful Bluebird story. God is never far away from any of us. Those of us who have grown up in a relationship with God, we are well and truly Blessed. Have a great day!!

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