SQuire Rushnell
“Our son and I were chatting in the car. He told me his GOAL was to read the entire Bible. That surprised me because he’s not a reader.
I told him I was reading a book about how there are no coincidences called, "WHEN GOD WINKS AT YOU".
In that instant, a CAR zoomed past us. The license plate spelled out WINK!
I get chills whenever I tell this story. Blessings to you.”
Deborah Bean
Think about the incredible odds for THAT license plate to be at that PLACE … at that MOMENT … spelling out the VERY WORD she was talking about!
The principle of DIVINE ALIGNMENT...being at the right place, at the right time... is pretty amazing. And when it happens, there's always a Godwink.

We are living in times of great UNCERTAINTY. Remember that conversely, God is always CERTAIN. Expect Him to show up when you least expect Him… with a Godwink sign of hope.

You might like to know that the book mentioned above, "When God Winks at You" was recently awarded acknowledgment for having lifted the spirits of one million readers.

Many good wishes, expectedly and unexpectedly to you.



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