SQuire Rushnell


“My Wife's father passed away a few years ago. Before he died, one of the PHRASES  he used repeatedly was "RUT ROAH", most likely picked up from the show SCOOBY DOO.
I have a recurring REMINDER on my phone to help me remember the DAY that my wife's father passed so that I can let her know that I am thinking of her each time that date hits the calendar.

But, this year on the anniversary date of his passing I happened to be traveling out of town with some people from our church. I MISSED the phone ALERT.
But God had a BETTER WAY of getting my attention.
While driving with my group we pulled behind a car that had a LICENSE plate saying "RUT ROAH".
My friend in the front seat said it OUT LOUD with a laugh.
Wow … God got my ATTENTION!
I quickly TEXTED my WIFE that I was thinking about her … and then shared my faith-building Godwink story with the team.
Jesse Monza


God uses everything to KNOCK on the door, to GET our ATTENTION.

When he does, it’s a gentle fatherly reminder in the form of a Godwink.
Look for your Godwinks today. It’s GOD KNOCKING!
By the way ... a bit Godwinky... I was the ABC Television executive that brought you SCOOBY DOO on Saturday mornings.

Some day I'll write the story of how Joe Barbera (Hanna Barbera Studios) and I created SCRAPPY DOO, a new character for Scooby and the Gang, while paddling around Joe's pool on Yogi Bear and Augie Doggie inner tubes. 

But you CAN find the stories behind the creation of SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK ... and the story of how the LIFE of voice actor Mel Blanc's was SAVED by Bugs Bunny ... in our book The Godwink Effect.

As always, be sure to select your Free Special Occasion Card to accompany any book purchased at the Godwink Shop.

Many good wishes for Godwinks.




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