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“My father was a young pastor in a church with limited means. Depending upon the amount of money collected in the offering plate, it was often barely enough to get by.

One morning, shortly after my parents had PRAYED for God’s assistance, a young couple KNOCKED on the parsonage door asking Dad to officiate their WEDDING right there on the spot.

Though they couldn’t afford a wedding, they gave my father a $10 BILL. My parents knew it was just enough to buy milk and bread for our family.

When my mother went to the grocery store a total stranger told the clerk that he was PAYING for the items in her cart!

Not only did she bring home groceries, but she still had $10 for the next week!”

Helene Caton


When we say “God works in mysterious ways” it’s because we don’t really know HOW he does it … how He hears our prayers and then answers them with a Godwink.

But for those who walk with God regularly, it’s NOT a MYSTERY. We are told in the Ancient Scriptures, "Seek me and you will find me."* When we seek Him, God Winks!

Wishes for bountiful Godwinks today.

Think about sipping your coffee or hot chocolate from a Godwinks Mug with the definition of a Godwink on it. Nice reminder.

*Proverbs 8:17


Susan L. Stiegemeier
Susan L. Stiegemeier
I was confirmed in April, 1954. Every student received a special verse from the Bible to memorize it, and when we needed help from “above” say the verse. Mathew 6:33. I was young and little did I know how important these words would mean to me. Blessings, Susan L. Stiegemeier?Tiemann
Kerry Batchelder
Kerry Batchelder
What a wonderful story of faith!

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