SQuire Rushnell
“My sister and I walked the beach almost DAILY and collected SEA GLASS.
She was good at it and had EVERY COLOR.
Yet, I was frustrated. I could never find a BLUE piece of glass.
She knew I was in search of a blue piece and would speak about it.
When my dear sister left me for her new home in heaven I was bereft. I went down to that beach, sprinkled a bit of her ashes, and placed a rose at our favorite spot.
As I turned to leave MY EYES fell upon the sand…and there it was… MY BLUE GLASS!
Next to it was a shell with a perfect heart!
This Godwink brought me TEARS of JOY! I knew my sister was okay… standing next to God… and alongside me as well.”
Cynthia Hupfer
Godwinks are bridges across space and time … connecting us with the ones we love… little gifts from God Himself.

Take a moment ... think about that loved one YOU are still MISSING. Count the Godswinks as you’d count your blessings.


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