GODWINKS on LOSS (With a Punch Line)

GODWINKS on LOSS (With a Punch Line)

SQuire Rushnell

Our dear friend Brian Boyd lost his Mom recently.
His first thought: had he DONE ENOUGH for sweet Dolly?
As fresh GRIEF pressed down upon him … he forced himself back up to do what was expected … be the leader… organize things… prepare the memorial service.
Inescapable guilt raced through his mind… re-visiting the drastic challenges he’d placed upon his mom and dad only months before… moving them all the way cross country from all their worldly possessions in the North West … to an assisted living facility in the North East.
Had he done the right thing?
Frustration set in. Where the heck was his Mom’s computer password to access photos necessary for the service? What was it and where did she keep it?
He said a PRAYER. Asking God to calm him, focus him, and lead him to the password. He threw in a prayerful question:  Had he been a good enough son?
His eyes opened … scanning her small desk … then, falling upon Dolly’s handwriting on a wrinkled piece of paper.
It was her password!
                                                #1 Son Brian
His eyes filled as he thanked God … and his dear mother.

We often advise … that the first place to go when we LOSE ANYTHING … is to “GOD’S LOST & FOUND”.
That was PROVEN to be the #1 perfect destination … for #1 Son Brian.
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