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Actor David Oyelowo had a PREMONITION while reading the script for SELMA … eight years before the movie come to life on the big screen. He heard an inside voice, “You will play MARTIN LUTHER KING.”
It was almost absurd. Me, he thought? A little-known British actor with a hard-to-pronounce name? (It's o-yellow-o)
Yet, God works that way. Although six of the seven directors assigned to the film TURNED DOWN David … it only took one to make the decision … and he was cast as MLK.
He says there were many Godwinks during the filming.
For instance, the day they were shooting the most important MLK speech in the movie, the set director was troubled. A LECTERN had been placed on the set, but he had a spiritual feeling that it ought to be a PULPIT.
Recalling he’d seen a church in that Selma neighborhood, he walked a block or two to ask if they could borrow a pulpit for the movie.
The person said they could not use the one in the church, but … just two days earlier … they’d discovered an old pulpit in the basement. Would that work?
Shortly thereafter the Godwink was revealed:
THAT was the ACTUAL PULPIT that Dr. Martin Luther King had spoken from 50 years earlier to deliver the very SAME SPEECH David Oyelowo was portraying that day!
“Wow!” said David. “It was like God was winking at us!”
As we remember Martin Luther King, let us be so GRATEFUL for all the Godwinks he experienced during his remarkable QUEST FOR FAIRNESS here on earth.
May your day be sprinkled with delightful winks from above!
Many Godwinkers love their dictionary Godwinks Mug... with every cup of coffee or tea, they're reminded of the definition of a "Godwink".


Maryalice Yafrate
Maryalice Yafrate
God worked a perfect moment for all humanity with the gift of the original pulpit for this presentation in this movie. What a blessing.
Carol Ely
Carol Ely
Love these Winks

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