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“My mother passed away last week.
On that day I had to go to the drugstore for a medication. I saw a girl fundraising for Teen Challenge which I am familiar with.
I asked if she could please PRAY for my family.
She asked if I had something to write on. I pulled a crumpled-up piece of paper from my purse, tore off a corner, and she wrote on it. I thanked her, assuming it was a bible verse, and stuck it in my pocket.
Later, I remembered that crumpled-up piece of paper and fished it out. It simply said, ‘I love you’.
I took that as a Godwink.
Bet Mom had something to do with it.”

Tracy Corbett
Sometimes the answer to a prayer is just hearing those words, I LOVE YOU.

Perhaps you'll be answering someone’s prayer today by saying those words to them.



Some people like to show how much they care, by giving the gift of hope ... a signed Godwink book with a free card expressing Godwink quotes.

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Ellen Cain
Ellen Cain
Everyone needs to feel needed and valued🙏

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