SQuire Rushnell

“It was my first Christmas without my mom. I still missed her so much.
Mom always told us, ‘Jesus is the reason for the season … and all that matters is Jesus.’
A couple days before Christmas that year, I went into a store and there was an ornament that said: ‘When you get right down to it, all that matters is Jesus.’
I knew it was a Godwink sign from heaven …and Mom probably had something to do with it.

Every year as I place that ornament on the tree I’m reminded of Mom and that sweet Godwink.

Today we got a card from our electrician. On the front it says, ‘When you get down to it, the only thing that matters is Jesus’.
I got chills! Randy and I both went to the tree and looked at the ornament, then the card, and said, ‘Wow that’s another Godwink!’”
Darla Allgood


Isn’t it delightful how God winks in mysterious ways ... threading together sweet memories from Christmases past with something meaningful from today… delivering Godwink after Godwink?
The more we teach ourselves to SEE the tender messages He’s sending us … from the supernatural world into the natural … the more Godwinks happen!
May your family have a blessed holiday filled with Christmas joy.
SQuire & Louise

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