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TONI ESPINOZA was heartsick with worry for her husband DAVID, her childhood sweetheart and best friend. David was told he needed a new heart or he would die, yet the wait could be a year or more.

During fervent PRAYER for a donor, Toni felt conflicted … realizing that someone had to die in order for David to live.

She took her appeal to God asking for the complete healing of her husband.

She also boldly asked for a SIGN … for God to make it SNOW on CHRISTMAS DAY in their tropical border town of McAllen, Texas!

Her faith was strong ... unfazed and RESOLUTE when a friend told her that it hadn’t snowed in McAllen in 109 years, and never on Christmas!

With everyone asleep, just before midnight on Christmas Eve, Toni saw something out the window that she’d never seen before. SOMETHING WHITE. It was snowing!

The next morning there was more evidence of the Godwink when the local newspaper heralded the “FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS EVER” while publishing photos of kids making snowmen and angels in the snow for the first time.

Days later Toni received CONFIRMATION that her prayer had been miraculously answered!

David’s doctor looked at his chart, shook his head, and said, “David, I can't explain it. But you're going to be around for a long, long time.”

David’s heart was HEALED and Toni had received her gift from God… confirmed by an impossible Godwink … a snowfall in McAllen, Texas.

This wonderful story was told to Louise and me when we spoke at Toni and David’s church in McAllen, Texas.

 We subsequently published their story in our book Godwinks & Divine Alignment. Recently it appeared as one of the “classics” in Godwink Christmas Stories. (Check for any book specials on the homepage).

Wishes for Godwinks of Christmas joy!


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God is displaying his grace and desire to be part of every area of our lives… Amen. What a beautiful testimony.

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