SQuire Rushnell


“My husband Randy and I had a road trip that was a good 16-hour drive. 

It was getting late and I have a condition that requires me to have something in my stomach. 

Randy pointed out that there was a Buc-ee’s with take-out food two hours down the road.

Around 8:30p I was asking, ‘Where’s Buc-ee’s?’

That’s when we discovered our GPS had rerouted us. Oh no!

I asked him to just pull over at any gas station. I had some cereal … perhaps he could get some milk.

I also said a BANANA would be good … but …what were my chances of finding a banana at a gas station?

Then I thought … if God WANTS me to have a banana I will GET IT!

At  9 o’clock we pulled up to a RINKY-DINK gas station.

My hubby got out to see if they had any milk.

My hopes were SAGGING.

A few minutes later, with a chuckle, he held up the milk ... then placed a bag on my lap. It was not one … but a whole BUNDLE of beautiful bananas.

Asking ‘how much’ the lady said, ‘You can have them all for $3.’

See? God hears us.”

Sonja Harper


Sonja and Randy had a wonderful reaffirmation that God gives us the DESIRES of our HEARTS … bigger and better than we can imagine. We just need to show Him that we have faith.

This season of joy is one of the best times to STRENGTHEN your FAITH by taking the Partnered Prayer Challenge with someone you love.

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We can almost guarantee that you'll see marked results in each of 20 areas of marital challenge. 

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