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"I am a Veteran.

KUMA, my Great Pyrenees, is my Service Dog but also serves as a THERAPY dog.
We were visiting a RETIREMENT HOME just as a lady in a wheelchair was being rolled into the room.
Out of the blue, Kuma got up, walked over, and blocked her chair.
He sat down and put his paw and HEAD ON her LAP.
I apologized.
This 106-year-old lady looked up at me and asked, 'Is he a GREAT PYRENEES?'
I said YES, his name is Kuma.
Continuing to pet him she STARTED to CRY.
She said ‘I could feel him in my soul. Before I went blind I use to train them in Germany. They helped us pass messages in the snow … past the Nazi's.’”

I have been unable to verify this story but decided to share it with you anyway … it’s plausible and charming. If you know any more about Kuma's story, we’d love to hear from you. squire@godwinks.com
This we know … it is not unusual for a Godwink to connect us to memories of years past, providing a heart-lifting, faith-building experience!

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Many wishes for wondrous Godwinks today.


Helen French
Helen French
What a beautiful story, i believe it is true. Godwinks are beautiful
Shelia Stephens
Shelia Stephens
I truly don’t have any information to help verify this story, but! I truly believe with all my heart! in what this obviously! was, a “God Wink!” there is no other explanation needed when you just “believe!” in “miracles!” that show up in the form of “God Winks!” 👍🏻🥰🙏🏻✝️🫶🏼
What a beautiful dog with a memorable past. God bless you for sharing his story.

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