SQuire Rushnell
“I was finishing up months of training for a career MY FAMILY WAS OPPOSED TO—mostly due to my age, and because I'M A MOTHER with children.

I’d been reading one of your books while going through a lengthy hiring process that included a lot more training and testing. I was getting weary of waiting to see what my potential employer expected me to do next, and I began to wonder, had I made the RIGHT CAREER DECISION?

I dug into my duffle bag and pulled out your book ‘When God Winks at You’. I opened it to the chapter on quests. I turned the page, and my heart skipped. It read: “GETTING ON YOUR HIGHWAY.”

That was a major Godwink that ERASED any CONCERN I had about my career choice. You see, I was applying to be a professional TRUCK DRIVER!

And, I got the job! So if you see an ORANGE TANKER out there, give a HONK and say hello!"
Just as God had a perfect plan for Liz’s life, and communicated with her through a Godwink, he also has a perfect plan for your life.

All He needs is for you to “get on your highway,” put your hands on the wheel, and say, “Where to, Father?”

When you do, he will give you everything you need for the journey to your destiny. Along the way you’ll see many signs … Godwinks … providing you with reassurance.
May you have Godspeed and boundless Godwinks.


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* Liz's Orange Tanker story was published in Godwink Stories: A Devotional, ch 35.

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