SQuire Rushnell

Uncertainty is one of the things we dislike the most:

... will we have enough money to take us through the month?

... will my doctor's report be positive?

... will my child make it back home safely?

Most of the time, unfortunately, no one can answer those questions for us.

It's best, then, to turn to our tower of power ... God... our steady handrail in a storm ... our lighthouse in the dark... our hearthstone in the cold. 

But know that during uncertain times God Winks at you with signs that provide comfort and reassurance. 

Here are some of your comments:

"He walks with me and talks with me and I tell Him I am His own" ... words to a beloved hymn give us peace. Thank you, Lord, for being beside us ... with  Godwinks in every step."

"I’ve always called them God nudges ... I think I like God winks better." 

"When we acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and talk with Him daily, we will be able to hear and feel those little tugs."

Many good wishes for wondrous Godwinks.


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