Pink Flower turns to Purple


SQuire Rushnell1 comment

“My GRANDMA had a beautiful garden and loved flowers, especially PURPLE ones, her FAVORITE color.

Her loss was difficult for the family. My Mom and nephew went to Grandma’s garden to cut the first flower after her passing. It was bright, beautiful, and PINK.

But, a few days later, the flower CHANGED ... to Grandma’s favorite color. PURPLE!

It was a Godwink to let us know that she was at God’s side in heaven!”

Bianca Garcia


God uses all things of nature … from buds to birds … to send Godwinks of assurance that He is never apart from us.

Especially now, in the heart of winter, let us be grateful for the beauty and grace that He places all around us.

Seek Godwinks today. You’ll find them.

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Kristen Wakefield
Kristen Wakefield
Bianca, how blessed you & your family are to ‘get this’ sweet, loving & colorful message from your grandmother. A dear friend’s husband passed after a long health battle and he was very angry at God. He told his wife that he would send a message to her if there was a heaven. Shortly after he passed on, her dog woke her up in the early morning hours to be let outside. As she opened the patio door she looked at the Christmas Cactus on the table. It wasn’t its season to bloom. The day before it was flower-less. But here it was loaded with beautiful flowers. She cried realizing that her husband knew there was a heaven & that he was there. Bianca, thank you for sharing this God Wink as it reminds us to always be open to God’s messages of grace, especially the one’s that change color!

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