SQuire Rushnell

“I thought I would not have money to continue my studies, but God came through with GRANTS.

Then, my wife PRAYED God would just bless us with CHECKS in the MAIL.

I have to confess, I was doubtful. I could see no way any unexplained money would show up like that.

However, a few days after her prayer, our insurance company sent us a REFUND of $486.

I was amazed and thankful. God is really good. We have to trust Him at all times."

Reggie Richardson


No one can explain HOW God answers prayers, but … like so many things in your home that you don’t know HOW they work … they just do. Prayer works too.

And every answered prayer is a Godwink. 

Louise and I advocate Partnered Prayer... between husband and wife... family members or friends.

Check out the Pray Stay Challenge at everything you need is there. Free. Including the Baylor Univ survey that .. at the end of 40 days of prayer, 5 minutes a day... you'll receive your "My Prayer Score" to see the amazing results right in front of you.

You can look at the books, Couples Who Pray and 40 Day Prayer Challenge that we've written to accompany your Pray Stay Challenge... but they aren't mandatory to take the challenge.

May you have boundless Godwinks today.


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